Admission Criteria

Each CTL Academy applicant is considered based upon a well-rounded review of prior report cards, test scores, and teacher recommendations; however, at the most basic level, admission to CTL Academy requires the applicant to meet the following criteria:


  1. All Preschool applicants for whom we have seats reserved will be scheduled for a Preschool Readiness Interview. Full acceptance is issued only after the successful completion of this interview.
  2. All students in Grades K-12 will be scheduled for placement tests and admissions interviews. Assessments may consist of some or all of the following: oral reading fluency, comprehension, writing, and mathematics. Full acceptance is issued only after the successful completion of the placement test and the interview.

Grade Level Placement

  1. CTL Academy’s age cut-off date for enrollment is September 30. Students coming from August/September to June/July school years who are applying for Grades 1 to 12 and whose dates of birth fall after the cut-off date will not be required to repeat a grade level should they meet all requirements for admission and continuance into the next logical grade level.
  2. Students coming from school years that begin at any point other than August/September will be required to re-enroll in the same grade level in which they are currently studying or which they may have just completed.
  3. Once enrolled, promotion of a student to a higher grade level or subject, or retention in the same grade level, is based on the student’s ability and achievement as determined by the student’s teacher, counselor and principal rather than on parent request.

Special Needs Students

Admission to CTL Academy is contingent upon a match between the student’s needs and level of service available. Documentation that details schooling requirements and the reasons for these requirements must be included with the application. CTL Academy offers some services for students with special learning needs or specific learning difficulties but we may not be able to sufficiently meet the needs of students with significant limited intellectual ability, severe physical handicaps or pronounced social, emotional or behavioral difficulties. Determination of admission for special needs students will be made after a thorough evaluation by our admissions review team.

Evaluation and Acceptance

After our admissions review team determines that an applicant will succeed at CTL Academy, we will send an official Letter of Acceptance by e-mail. You will have a specified timeframe within which to accept or decline the invitation. Some applicants may be accepted on a monitored or probationary basis and granted full admission upon successful completion of the conditions or provisions noted. Who to contact Contact Info Contact the subject or homeroom teacher Contact the Technology Co-ordinator Contact the Schools Administration.

Admission Procedure


Applications for admission are accepted year-round. All of the documents you will need are available for download under Related Documents to Download.

  1. Download and print the Application Checklist for your reference.
  2. Completely fill out the Application Form and any required supplemental documents. The application form can be downloaded and printed in PDF or Word formats and filled out for submission. Completed applications can be e-mailed as a scanned JPEG or PDF attachment to
  3. Gather school records and supplemental documents as listed on the Application Checklist.
  4. Pay the required application fee and attach bank payment receipt with your application documents
    *The application fee can be paid in U.S. dollars by cash, bank payment or wire transfer. Payment can also be made in Naira by cash or wire transfer. .
    Please note: the application fee is valid for one academic year only; the academic year must be stated at the time of application.

Wait-list Procedure

Upon submission of the completed application form and the application fee, the application will be assigned an application date, which we use to fill space and manage waiting lists, if applicable. At wait-listed levels, applicants must first be formally accepted before being placed on the waiting list. The admissions review process to determine acceptance starts only upon receipt of all supporting materials.

Acceptance and Enrollment

Official Letters of Acceptance are sent by e-mail. The family can then accept or decline the invitation. Some applicants may be accepted on a monitored or probationary basis and granted full admission upon successful completion of the conditions or provisions noted. After you have received the official notice of acceptance and placement, payment of a minimum of one semester's tuition will guarantee the seat for your child. You will receive an invoice from our accounting office for the amount due.

Tuition and Fees

Kindly Contact Us for the current fees schedule.

Guidelines for Payment

Tuition and fees can be paid in full for the entire academic year, or per semester. First semester tuition payment is due on or before June 1; second semester is due on or before January 5. Payment made after the first day of the session will be assessed a 10% late fee. New students enrolling any time before mid-semester will pay tuition for the full semester. Students enrolling any time after mid-semester will pay half of the tuition. For payments made by check, bank draft or wire transfer; if the amount received by CTL is less than the actual school fees as a result of bank charges or wire transfer processing fees, the parent will be required to pay the balance.

Payment Instruction

Parents should obtain the payment slip as this serves as proof of payment. Upon notification of check clearance by the bank, the school will issue a receipt of payment to parents. Checks written on a Nigerian bank, made payable to “CTL Academy” can be paid at the Main Office. Please note that credit for payment will not be issued until the check is cleared by the bank. Also note that for payments made by check, you must write the name of the student on the check to ensure that the correct student is credited for the payment. Any one who writes a check that is returned due to insufficient funds (bounced check) will no longer be eligible to make future payments by check.