Our Curriculum

What is being called for in schools all across the globe are well-prepared teachers working with standards, curriculum, and assessments geared toward 21st-century learning goals that provide equitable access for students, high parent involvement and includes individualized instruction and mentorship for each student.


These needs are particularly true for those curricula that can balance mastery of basic academic skills with competence in the arts, social, emotional and group skills, technology, creative thinking, invention, innovation and imagination.

In an increasingly interconnected and global “flat” world, success for our students demands abilities, knowledge, and skills that go beyond mastery of the basics. Being able to understand and recall important information, the ability to understand basic mathematical ideas and to be able to compute, and the ability to write, read and comprehend the written word, while all important, are not sufficient for successful participation in this ever-changing world.

Students must learn how to think creatively, critically and self-reflectively, as well as to adapt flexibly to changing situations, to collaborate with others, and to detect patterns, synthesize information creatively and be able to imaginatively see multiple alternative possibilities to any particular problem.

It is clear now to all involved in education that the mastery of basic skills such as reading, writing and computing at grade level as assessed by standardized tests is necessary but not sufficient for a high school or college graduate to be prepared to succeed in the job market as it is currently evolving.

To prepare students for success, CTL Academy emphasizes inquiry-based and project-based learning, which allows students to delve deeply into course material, develop critical and creative thinking skills, work collaboratively and develop mastery in their own unique areas of interest. CTL Academy recognizes that each student possesses his or her own unique ways of learning and has different levels of skill, areas of giftedness and unique life-goals.

CTL Academy is committed to developing different types of literacy in all students: aesthetic, informational, intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical, all of which are essential to an educational process having the aim of providing students with a sense of personal purpose and the life-long learning skills for success in college, in any area of work, and for citizenship, locally and globally.