Molly Edwards

My name is Molly and I was at CTL from 2013 to 2015. When I was there, it was a relatively new school. I really appreciate the chance to reflect on my time at CTL because I have some great memories from there. But two things really stuck with me and continue to help me into adulthood. CTL developed my confidence. I was able to get involved in a ton of different activities and events and really encouraged and supported throughout that. Without these opportunities, I’m not sure if my confidence would be the same today. CTL really helped me develop that.

Secondly, CTL inspired me. Dr. Alagbe herself is still a role model to me. She is someone who built a school based on learning and teaching and lifelong development and gave us the space to try new things and involve ourselves in those opportunities. She was able to get so much done but at the end of the day, she still really cared about the students and the individuals and always had time to talk. I think that is really important to me and inspires me, especially as someone who is starting a degree in education at University College London next year. If I could give any advice to those who are studying or about to study at CTL. I would say; take advantage of all the opportunities that CTL offers and know that you are part of something special.