A group of students from CTL will be participating in the 2017 Model United Nations conference hosted by the International School of Beijing aka BEIMUN. This is a live blog where pictures and information from the conference would be posted as they happen.

March 4th 2017



March 3rd 2017

Getting some breakfast, the most important meal of the day

Committee sessions and General Assembly

Taking a break to recharge with some of the other delegates

Back to business



March 2nd 2017

Today was business. We had breakfast and spent the day preparing. We were picked up at 3pm for the formal opening ceremony which started at 4:30. After the plenary session, the kids met in their committees with other delegates for preliminary and house keeping sessions. We ended at 8:45pm. The kids seem excited to meet their peers. Some are still a bit nervous, though. Tomorrow is a full day from 8am – 6pm.

About to leave for the Opening Ceremony.

Arriving at Opening Ceremonies at the International School of Beijing

Meeting and chatting with other delegates.

Committee sessions: Ifiok, Zawadiyah, Koye (General Assembly 5), Nugwa  (General Assembly 2), Naddiyah (General Assembly 1)

Enjoying Chinese cultural art activities after dinner.

March 1st 2017

Our favorite fruit stand where we stocked up.

Check out the temperature: 06 degrees Celsius.

Walking down the street to get the subway to Tiananmen Square and museums.

Tiananmen Square

2pm: Visit to National Museum of China

Visit to the Beijing Planning Museum where we saw huge models of the city of Beijing. The kids had fun trying to locate all the places we’d visited.


February 28th 2017

We started the day with a visit to Ming Tombs, the mausoleum of the Yongle Emperor of the ancient Ming dynasty.

Then we visited a jade factory. Did you know that there are many colors of jade besides green? We learned how to tell the quality of jade.

Lunch was a traditional Chinese meal.  We’re getting good at using chopsticks.

The cable car ride up to…

1:20pm – The Great Wall of China!

4pm: Tea Tasting at a Tea House

5pmish: We drove by the Olympic stadium on our way back to the hotel


Here is our team outside the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Abuja after a successful visa interview



Good byes as the BEIMUN team leaves CTL on Thursday Feb 23


At the Abuja Airport, our team ran into none other than the US Ambassador to Nigeria. He spent some time discussing our team’s position on Yemen (the country we are representing at BEIMUN) and sharing valuable insights. Thank you, Ambassador W. Stuart Symington!


Our BEIMUN team arrived Lagos and departed to Dubai en route to Beijing.


Making the most of the layover at Dubai International Airport.


Snacking… Snacking… Napping and smiling en route to Beijing. Safe arrival to Beijing. Mrs. Dana Cunliff, a dear friend of Dr. Alagbe met the team at the airport.